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What Are Men Looking For From An Escort?
What Are Men Looking For From An Escort

Men who rent time and services from an escort girl are really looking for a fantasy. It is as simple as that. Of course some are just looking to get laid, get tgheir rocks off and ease the sexual pressure. But many others just want the company of a woman who, in the normal course of events would not give them the time of day without bringing money into the equation. Frankly, men want to spend time in the company (and in the body) of a woman who is way out of their league.

The majority of men who are serviced by high class escorts are married or in supposedly committed relationships. In terms of type and social status they run the scale from high powered investment banker to geeky office worker; from young gym bunnies to podgy stay at home husband with three children. Even if a man is rich, that does not mean that he is relaxed. Men who spend time with Marbella escorts have pressures even if they drive up to those pressures in a nice car. The have work stress, they get nagged by their spouse or other half, They have shit at work and shitty nappies at home. You know, day to day life just like everyone else deals with.

Men visit escorts to escape all that. That is what men want from time with an escort at least as much, or in most cases more, than the sexual release of a damn good fucking from an expert. Though that is very nice, of course. Men pay for escorts because they want a beautiful and sexy woman to be there exclusively for them and who acts as though the are the centre of her world; even if it is only for a coupld of hours. Men want to feel attractive and wanted just like women do. And the sad truth uis that most of them do not.

Another thing that men like about escorts is the illusion of control and the apparent female submission that the escort will give them. With an escort the man gets to control the fantasy and the sex. They get to decide what happens, when, how, to whom, with what and how often! The client knows that the escort girl will act as though she is interested in him. He knows that she will be willing to do the sexual things that he wants to do. In real life, many men often do not feel that they have control in that way. That makes the fantsay of the time with a beautiful escort woman better for the majority of clients.