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Clients Are Seeking Escorts For A Reason
Clients Are Seeking Escorts For A Reason

Here is one of the little facts that people never talk about, certainly not in the current environment where everything is about human trafficking, slavery and women being forced into being sex workers. All of which is true, by the way. But only for a tiny number of women and even fewer girls. Most women become escorts because it is easier than having a "normal" job, pays more and gives them more free time. Which they can spend having fun or with their families.

But here is one of the things that most people never talk about. Clients are seeking escorts for a reason. Often, it becomes immediately obvious why a man is wanting to see an escort. For some, it really is that they are too busy to get into or sustain a romantic relationship. In other cases, the men who want to spend time with a girl who escorts Barcelona men simply needs help to fulfill desires, tastes or kinks that their partners are not willing or able to explore. That need not be anything really edgy such as hard sports or being locked in a cage by a woman in a lycra Red Army uniform (yes, that is a real example). It is often something as relatively mundane (in my world) as ejaculating in a womans mouth or having anal sex.

However, some need time with an escort for different reasons that become obvious after getting to know them a little better. Many men who pay for sex are conceited, arrogant and pompous. They need the constant reassurance and ego stroking that an escort is happy to provide while a girl friend might get tired of the costant neediness. Others are socially awkward and unable to maintain a real relationship for an extended period of time. Some escort clients fear women so much that they can not approach them in the first place to get a first date. Those are the kind of men who think that speed seduction, the content of "The Game" and being a "player" are a good idea. Trust me, they are not.

Every so often a sex worker will meet a client that is obnoxious, rude and demeaning toward women in general, not just sex workers. Let us be honest, that is an obvious reason why he pays to see escorts in the first place; so he does not feel obligated to be on his best behaviour. But that type of dick often does not have a good behaviour setting and cannot get laid without paying for it.